The Paint Pot Men

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Whichever colour scheme you choose, decorating the outside of a house so that it stands out from the rest is like all forms of decorating - careful preparation is always the key to a great finish.
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Using Existing Features
Here we've transformed the room by making a feature of the chimney breast. Similar results can also be achieved using colours which compliment each other or the surrounding wallpaper.
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Window restoration
As you can see this old sash window is in a bot of a sorry state. However, after some tender loving care we have brought it back to life.
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Using bold colours in small or large areas depending on the amount of light in the room can make an old kitchen look brand new.

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Paint recycling

The Paint Pot Men are proud to be part of Dulux' recycling scheme. That means any leftover paint pots get taken to a nearby Dulux recycling centre where they're cleaned, ready for re-use by someone else.

It's not exactly going to save the planet but we're firm believers in doing everything we can to make sure that our work doesn't prevent us from doing our bit.

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